OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Brotherhood Garage permanently shut down its Yukon location October 1, but a frustrated customer says they still have his truck even six months after the closure.

Brody Bullock told KFOR he was having engine issues about a year ago, so he dropped his truck off at Brotherhood Garage in Yukon.

Bullock said he was told he needed a new engine and the repair would cost $6,000.

Bullock didn’t have the money to pay the balance, so he asked if he could pay it over time.

“They told me it was fine. I kept contacting them to make sure it was fine and then things got weird,” said Bullock.

He added Brotherhood Garage wasn’t even sure if his truck was still in their shop.

Bullock said he was supposed to get a call back with more information, but never did.

It then went radio silent, according to Bullock.

As months went by and Bullock maintained his faith in Brotherhood Garage, a friend of his broke the news to him earlier this week.

Bullock said his friend told him Brotherhood Garage in Yukon was shut down.

He claims he never received notice from the shop.

“Where’s my truck at? Am I going to be able to get it or am I not?,” questioned Bullock.

News 4 called former owner Brandon Crusha’s cell phone Thursday afternoon, but it went straight to voicemail.

Text messages show as delivered though.

KFOR also reached out to Crusha 19 weeks ago on behalf of another customer whose car was locked up in the closed down Yukon shop, but didn’t hear from him then either.

Instead, the acting manager at the time of the shop’s closure gave KFOR information regarding the other customer’s car.

News 4 reached back to him on Thursday, but he said he didn’t have any information on Bullock’s truck.

KFOR also stopped by the Yukon location Thursday morning and looked through the windows.

The Brotherhood Garage sign is still on the front of the building and the inside looks untouched.

No cars were seen inside though.

Bullock and his family told KFOR taking legal action is on the table.

Meanwhile, Crusha is already tied up in four other lawsuits filed this year.

A forcible entry and detainer petition filed February 3 in McClain County shows Crusha owes $33,644.32 in taxes, rent and insurance for the garage’s Newcastle location on NE 16th.

According to that same petition, Crusha was given five days notice to quit on January 11.

Crusha’s lease for the Newcastle location shows he was supposed to operate that space from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2031.

When News 4 stopped by the Newcastle location, a “For Lease” sign was out front.

In a replevin petition, Crusha also owes $51,338.83 on financed equipment used at Brotherhood Garage.

The plaintiff, Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc. has requested collateral of $12,000.

“Plaintiff believes that Defendants may attempt to conceal, damage or destroy the Collateral or a part thereof or to remove the Collateral from the state or county, and Plaintiff will thereby suffer irreparable harm,” the petition reads.

With Crusha and Brotherhood Garage’s current debt, Bullock fears he may never see his truck again, ultimately costing him $8,000.

“I don’t like it at all. I wish that I had answers for it, but I don’t,” added Bullock.

Bullock said he has started shopping around for a new vehicle, but doesn’t plan to purchase one until he hears back about his truck.

News 4 reached out to Crusha Thursday afternoon, but even days later, he did not return our calls or texts.

KFOR learned from Bullock’s family that the owner of the garage told them where he was keeping the truck. They should be getting the keys soon.

Crusha is expected to appear in McClain County Court on March 6 and 10.