YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – The former owner of Brotherhood Garage posted to Facebook on September 28 saying all locations would shut down three days later, but customers say not everyone’s car was returned before closing.

“To all who know me, I have decided to close our Yukon location and Brotherhood Garage all together after Friday. If we still have your vehicle we will finish it for you. This is what is best for my health and my family. It’s been a great 8 years, I don’t regret anything,” the former owner of Brotherhood Garage, Brandon Crusha posted to Facebook on Sept. 28.

Some customers commented underneath asking for a refund for an auto part they paid for or claiming the “new owners are not honoring any warranties.”

Another customer, Paula Underwood, posted in the ‘Yukon Happenings’ Facebook page claiming Brotherhood Garage was still in possession of her vehicle 16 days after the business shut down.

Underwood told KFOR her vehicle had been dropped off at Brotherhood Garage about a month ago.

She said she and her husband would stop by the business and peek inside to see if anyone was around, but it was always dark on the inside and no one was there.

Underwood claims they called the business several times and left voicemails.

“My husband watches that [their voicemail.] He’s been waiting on them,” added Underwood.

“We contacted them several times with no response to pick up,” said Banta, but Underwood claims that’s not true.

It wasn’t until Underwood received a bill for $45 from Brotherhood Garage that she made the Facebook status.

Within 30 minutes of posting it, Underwood said a former employee reached out to her, saying he would get their car back.

“I contacted Mr. Underwood as soon as I got his message and offered to give him a ride. I picked him up and delivered him his vehicle,” explained a former Yukon Brotherhood Garage manager, Mason Banta.

Banta declined an on-camera interview, but said he wanted to clear the air regarding this situation.

Underwood is grateful to have her car back.

Meanwhile, other customers told KFOR they’ve had similar experiences with Brotherhood Garage.

Megan Denney said she brought her car into Brotherhood Garage in 2021.

She claims her vehicle was brought in earlier in the week and when she checked in with the business at the end of the week, she was allegedly told her vehicle hadn’t been worked on yet.

Denney added she brought her vehicle in a second time and the same thing happened, but this time it was only two days that Brotherhood had kept her vehicle.

“I was frustrated. They seemed like they wanted to expedite the issue. I received no correspondence from them. They didn’t say anything, no texts or calls,” explained Denney. “They are very poor with reaching out to people even when they were open, just providing updates as mechanics usually do. It was really hard to get a hold of brotherhood when my car was in the shop, and it does not surprise me that they just closed down and didn’t even tell this woman that her car was still there.”

Another former customer claims Brotherhood Garage held her vehicle “hostage” for nearly eight months.

Lori Meek said she took her car into Brotherhood Garage in October 2021.

“We got it inspected [by someone outside of Brotherhood Garage.] It had a main oil gasket leak. It was missing seven bolts and had transmission where the antifreeze goes, just the list goes on and on,” said Meek. “He [Brotherhood Garage] blew the engine in the car because he didn’t have the right tools to set the timing chain, is what I’ve been told.”

The Moore location allegedly closed in January 2021, but Meek claims her vehicle remained in the hands of Brotherhood Garage until May.

Meek explained she tried warning others about her her situation by posting signs on posts near a Brotherhood Garage location.

A sign Lori Meek made and posted by the Brotherhood Garage Moore location. Photo courtesy of Lori Meek.

But because of that, Meek is now tied up in a “defamation of character and slander lawsuit” filed by Crusha.

“We’re just at a standstill. We cannot sell the car because he told the judge that if we were allowed to sell the car, it would invite a third party into the lawsuit,” added Meek. “I’m about $5,000 in attorney fees at the moment.”

Meek said she’s not surprised to hear about Underwood’s situation based on her own experiences.

“I would love to get my attorney fees back. My son would appreciate having the money he paid for the original repair back because the repair was never done. And he’d like to be allowed to sell the vehicle so that he can move on with his life,” said Meek.

Meek did file a business complaint with the State Attorney General’s office.

KFOR has reached out to Crusha several times via Facebook and by phone, but have yet to hear back.

News 4 reached out to Brotherhood Garage’s business Facebook page. It was read, but not responded to until after the airing of this story. The response was a thumbs up emoji.

We are trying to confirm if Brotherhood Garage is under new ownership as Banta claims, “The only outcome from this running would be the new owners deciding they don’t want to either open the shop back in Yukon or honor any of the outstanding work.”