STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – A former Stillwater Public Schools employee is accused of embezzling more than $200,000 from the school district.

Payne County District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas filed a felony embezzlement charge against Stacy Kay Hampton, who was an administrative assistant with the school nutrition services program for over 10 years, according to a news release from Thomas’ office.

“Her daily duties included collecting funds from various cafeteria sites, preparing those funds for deposit, and depositing the sum at the bank,” the news release states.

Hampton was placed on leave in 2019 when school officials launched an internal investigation into her work hours.

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Stacy Kay Hampton. Mugshot from Payne County Detention Center.

The nutrition program director discovered discrepancies in Hampton’s school-related financial records and notified Stillwater Public Schools Chief Financial Officer, Jericah Dawson.

“Dawson began an internal accounting investigation and identified over $200,000.00 in missing cafeteria funds,” the news release states.

Austin Thomas asked Cindy Byrd, State Auditor and Inspector, to conduct an independent forensic investigation. Byrd’s office found that Hampton had misappropriated Stillwater Public School funds totaling $216,196.67 from fiscal year 2013 through fiscal year 2019.

“This extensive and thorough investigation would not have been possible without the interagency cooperation of the Stillwater Public Schools, the State Auditor’s Office, and the Stillwater Police Department, working in concert to present a prosecutable criminal case,” Austin Thomas said. “We can’t stress enough how imperative it is to have adequate oversight in any business. Hiring another employee or placing additional responsibilities on a co-worker costs more money, but it is worth the expenditure to avoid this type of misappropriation of public dollars. I am grateful the school brought this criminal activity to light and pursued further investigation.”

Hampton, if convicted, would face no less than one year and no more than 10 years in prison.