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NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — The top prosecutor in Norman says no charges will be filed in connection with a bar fight last month that left a University of Oklahoma football player seriously injured.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn announced Thursday that he’s reviewed the case and decided it was a case of “mutual combat.”

“We have carefully considered the entirety of the circumstances surrounding the incident including a previous altercation between the parties and the actions that led up to the physical fight caught on camera by a bystander,” said District Attorney Greg Mashburn. “My office has decided that no criminal charges are appropriate as this appears to be a mutual combat situation in which both parties voluntarily engaged in a fist fight.”

The fight inside a bathroom at a bar in Norman’s Campus Corner area was filmed by a bystander and quickly went viral.

According to the OU Daily student newspaper, the fight left OU player Spencer Jones with a broken left orbital bone that required surgery to repair.