HENRYETTA, Okla. (KFOR) – One week ago, five children and a mother were murdered by a convicted sex offender that families say should have never been let out of prison.

Officials have confirmed 39-year-old Jesse McFadden shot and killed Ivy Webster (14), Brittany Brewer (15), Tiffany Guess (13), Michael Mayo (15), Rylee Allen (17), and Holly Guess (35).

Images of six murder victims in Henryetta
Henryetta Victims: Brittany Brewer (16) Ivy Webster (14). Tiffany Guess (13), Michael Mayo (15), Rylee Allen (17), Holly Guess (35)

The Okmulgee Police Chief said each victim was shot in the head before McFadden turned the gun on himself.

News 4 has been in contact with the Webster and Brewer families since their loved ones were murdered.

They’re distraught and say it should have never happened because McFadden should have still been incarcerated.

Both families told KFOR they feel as if the judicial system has failed them.

“I’m angry. This should never happen and it needs to stop. Frustrated. I’m upset. Healing. Trying to heal. Still confused. Still a lot of answers that need to be given,” said Ivy’s dad, Justin Webster.

Justin has tried searching for answers by going through the home McFadden was renting, but so far, he only has more questions.

The Webster family invited News 4 to tag along on their walk through of McFadden’s property last Thursday afternoon.

During that walk through, the family found restraints with locks and chains still attached, sex and bondage devices, as well as computers and cell phones left behind by law enforcement.

One of the cellphones belonged to Justin’s daughter, Ivy.

He immediately called the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office and an investigator came out to snap photos and collect the evidence.

While News 4 was there, the investigator collected four phones, two computers, drug paraphernalia, and a check made out to a local storage unit.

The Webster family said they’ve gone through McFadden’s home three times since their daughter was killed.

Justin said they’d find new potential evidence each time.

His last look through on Friday, he said he found more drug paraphernalia and five other cellphones.

When the investigator was questioned by Justin, he told him, “The problem is I don’t know what else to do.”

The investigator continued to tell him the only person who could piece together what happened is dead.

Justin said it’s unfair he and his family have to sit on the sidelines while local law enforcement pushes the investigation off to the side.

A day after KFOR aired the story on what was found inside the McFadden home, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation took the lead on the case.

Per an email correspondence between the Webster family attorney, Cameron Spradling and the Okmulgee County District Attorney’s Office Saturday morning, the OSBI had been requested to take the lead.

News 4 visited McFadden’s home Saturday evening and spotted OSBI agents collecting evidence. There was a U-HAUL and an OSBI Mobile Analysis Center.

OSBI leaving Jesse McFadden’s property Monday afternoon. KFOR photo.

Spradling told KFOR that OSBI sent divers into the ponds on the property McFadden was renting and also dropped sonar radars into the water over the weekend.

He said OSBI had located a “disturbance” and would send a helicopter out the following week to try and get a birds eye view of what it could be.

On Monday morning, the OSBI was still at the property collecting evidence. The State Medical Examiner’s Office was also seen.

One of the containers on the property had been opened, too.

Within an hour of News 4 being there, all agencies left the property and removed the crime scene tape.

The Webster family feels as if it took way longer than it should have for a state agency to take the lead though.

They’re now pushing a petition to ensure this doesn’t happen again with future investigations.

The Webster family is also demanding changes be made to the current law regarding sex offender sentencing and probationary terms/requirements.

“We have sexual predators still here in Henryetta that are walking around, being able to do whatever they want. They’re going to school events just as Jesse McFadden did,” said Justin.

McFadden pleaded guilty to first degree rape by force and fear of a 16-year-old in 2003.

In Oklahoma, that crime carries up to life imprisonment, but a Pittsburg County Judge only sentenced him to 20 years.

McFadden also pleaded guilty to grand larceny in 2003.

Both charges resulted in a total of 28 years in prison, but they ran concurrently which means both sentences were being served at the same time.

McFadden was released early in 2020 after completing 85% of his sentence, so after 17 years of incarceration, he was eligible for release.

“It’s frustrating to know that there was loopholes for some of the sickest monsters to ever roam on this world, that they’re able to get out and roam around freely. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to parents. There’s not enough resources out there for us to identify these sick monsters,” explained Justin.

While in prison, McFadden was also caught with a cellphone he was using to “sext” a minor.

“They should not be allowed back out in the world. There is no rehabilitation for sexual offenders. There’s not,” said Justin. “If they have the audacity to ruin a child’s life forever doing the things they do, then we should be able to lock them up for life for ruining that child’s life.”

Two-and-a-half years later, McFadden killed his three step-kids, two of their friends, and his wife of less than a year.

Justin said if there was a law in place preventing convicted sex offenders from being released back into the world, his daughter would still be alive.

“We’re asking that a person CONVICTED of a sex crime against a child serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. We ask that the probationary terms of those already released from prison for child sex offenses be reevaluated, and we ask for their probation terms to include monthly home visits, their offenses [to] clearly state they committed sex crimes against a CHILD (if you go to odcr or the sex offender registry, it shows the offense, but not that the offense was against a child), if they go to a courthouse to obtain a marriage license that their proposed spouse [be] interviewed to make sure they do not have children and are aware of the crime(s) that they committed,” the online petition reads.

The petition is also asking that all city police departments and school districts be mandated to identify local sex offenders in the area by providing a digital or physical list.

“This is so important, so we can help our local people, police, and school staff [be] aware of offenders in our area because the man responsible for these horrendous murders, like other offenders are able to manipulate people into believing false information, especially when you can’t see details of the court case and it is not labeled that they committed crimes against children,” the petition says.

The petition pushes for the law to be called ‘The Knights Law’ in honor of the five children who lost their lives.

“We’re trying to think of names for a law that would represent all the victims and our community. And having Henryetta’s mascot as the Knights, as a community, and people saying we’re all united with a K, we thought it would be perfect to represent our little girls and the families affected by saying ‘The Knights Law,'” said Justin.

News 4 reached out to the state leaders who represent the Henryetta area, but have only heard back from one.

House Representative, Scott Fetgatter’s Office wrote in a press release, “Rep. Scott Fetgatter, R-Okmulgee, in 2019 secured passage of a law to protect sexual assault victims from their predators. He’s now pursuing legislation to better protect potential victims.”

Fetgatter said even though it is the end of the legislative session, he’s planning to file last-minute legislation to better protect the public from convicted sexual perpetrators. Sen. Roger Thompson, R-Okemah, has pledged to help.

Justin told KFOR his family met with Rep. Fetgatter last Friday.

“It went amazing. He is really going to push and get things changed,” said Justin.

Justin is pleading with Oklahomans who are registered to vote to sign their petition.

“I will fight for [Ivy]. And I ask everybody, fight for all the victims. And let’s make change,” he stated.

The Webster family has a GoFundMe set up.

The family also says anyone wanting to donate can do so at the First Family Credit Union in Henryetta. There are accounts set up for all five children.