GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) — Law enforcement continue to search for a man in connection with a deputy being shot and a bystander killed.

The suspect is 25-year-old Kameron Jenkins.

Photo of Kameron Jenkins over crime scene
Kameron Jenkins is a suspect after a deputy was shot and a bystander was killed.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in the search in Garvin and neighboring counties.

According to authorities, the bystander, now identified by District Attorney Greg Mashburn’s Office as Gwaun Frierson, was killed during an altercation between 25-year-old Kameron Jenkins and Cleveland County Deputy Sean Steadman near Exit 60 on I-35.

According to the affidavit, Steadman was attempting to conduct a traffic stop, on a Volkswagon Jetta near Exit 60. When the vehicle didn’t stop, Steadman conducted a tactical vehicle intervention and stopped the Jetta.

Gunfire was then exchanged between Jenkins and Steadman. During that time, Gwaun Frierson was the passenger of a dump truck travelling northbound on I-35 when Frierson was struck and killed by the gunfire.

Steadman was shot in the chin and flown to an Oklahoma City hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Image of deputy Sean Steadman

The Garvin County Sheriff tells KFOR they are following leads and tips.

They are asking for the public’s help. They want residents to look on their property to see if anything is missing or disturbed.

“So, here’s where I’m at. I don’t have any evidence that he’s not in the area. I don’t have any evidence that he’s gone from the area. So, we will continue as if he’s here. What I’m asking for, is if there’s any tips or does anyone know of his whereabouts, to give us a call because he needs to face what he did and we’re not going to stop looking for him and I think it is going to be in his best interest to turn himself in,” said Sheriff Jim Mullett, Garvin County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Mullett says the weather last night was a disadvantage to their search, but they will not stop until they find the Jenkins.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Jenkins is currently on probation for a number of violent crimes, including Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon and Maiming, dating back to 2016.

He was released from prison in March 2023 for another Maiming charge dating back to 2019.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley released a statement on social media saying, “Thankfully, the Cleveland County Deputy shot by this guy will be ok. This is not the first time Jenkins shot at an officer and he should have still been in prison.” 

“That’s still part of our investigation,” said Hunter McKee, OSBI. 

Court documents also show Jenkin’s is currently involved in a prostitution case. 

Officials told KFOR, right now they are following up on any leads or tips that come in and they are really relying on the public for help. 

“What we’re asking is for homeowners, landowners to check if there’s anything missing or any kind of mode of transportation, bikes, anything that’s missing to let us know. Checking your door, cameras, trail cameras. Anything like that that might lead us to his whereabouts. We’ll take that information,” said Mullett.  

The search Thursday also took place in the Washita River. 

“We’re using all the resources we have that’s possible to search those areas as long as we can and whatever it takes,” said McKee. 

Law enforcement is reminding residents to be cautious as Jenkin’s remains at large and is still considered armed and dangerous. 

Originally, there was a 6,000-dollar reward being offered, but now the reward up to $11,000. You can submit information anonymously by calling 405-235-7300 or 1-855-211-STOP. You can also submit an anonymous tip on the OKC Crime Stoppers website.