CANADIAN COUNTY (KFOR) – Family and friends of a teen who was killed in a DUI wrong-way crash will have to wait another month to see her accused killer sentenced in court. After it was discovered a sentencing report was not filled out, Malcolm Penney’s sentencing was continued.

“It’s difficult to ask people to take their time to come and support you and to be there for Marissa and to see that justice is done, only to then have it delayed again and again and again,” said Kristy Murrow, the victim’s mother.

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Marissa Murrow

“Many of these people took off work and rescheduled their lives to be here,” said Jeff Murrow, the victim’s father.

Friends and family of Marissa Murrow packed the Canadian County Courthouse Tuesday. All of them arrived to see Malcolm Penney sentenced for the 19-year-old’s death.

“Due to no fault of ours or the prosecution’s or anything, it’s delayed again waiting, on a report,” Kristy said.

October 3, 2020, the 18 year old’s life was cut short. Oklahoma state troopers said Penney was drunk while driving the wrong way down the Kilpatrick Turnpike, near Southwest 15th Street. Troopers said Penney crashed into Murrow’s car head-on. She later died at the hospital. Investigators said the 39 year old had been drinking for 10 hours before getting behind the wheel.

Court documents reveal he’s now had five DUI’s in Texas, Kansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

“Had he served time for his fourth, she’d be here,” Kristy said. “He’s already proven that he will drink and he will drive again, and he doesn’t seem to have a desire to change that behavior.”

Malcolm Penney

Instead of seeing Penney’s sentence handed down, the courtroom heard impact statements from Murrow’s loved ones about the grief they’ve suffered.

“Through the five impact statements that were made, you got a really good picture of who she was. And I think we stood up for her and did it right,” said Murrow’s father.

“We were just very proud that they had such a high esteem for Marissa, that they felt that it was right to do that. That’s very special to us,” said Kristy.

Murrow’s family is asking the judge to give Penney the maximum sentence possible to spare other families from this grief.