OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony has issued yet another dissenting opinion in the ongoing fuel cost recovery saga.

OG&E said the added charge, also known as a Fuel Cost Adjustment, represents “under-collected” fuel costs the company has experienced due to inflation; the monthly fee will reflect on customer bills for the next two years to recoup the estimated cost of $424 million.

Previous KFOR reporting confirmed that it is against Oklahoma law for utility companies to profit from fuel cost adjustments under OCC regulations.

Rather, the charges must be the “actual cost” of rising fuel prices.

The company said the strategy to recover hundreds of millions of dollars through fuel cost fees is necessary, as it reflects the sharp rise in the market over the last year around the country and in the state.

Now, Commissioner Bob Anthony says “threats, coercion, administrative ‘irregularities’ and withholding information” has impacted his Constitutional duties to protect Oklahoma consumers.

“Unfortunately, efforts to obscure transparency and deflect inquiries into problematic
relationships and activities are nothing new at this Commission,” said Anthony. “The OCC has a long history of permitting cozy relationships with powerful special interests and neglecting to acknowledge and correct its subsequent regulatory failures, regardless of how many other Courts and competent outside authorities point out its duty and responsibility to do so.”

Read the full dissent below:

OG&E sent the below statement following Anthony’s opinion:

OG&E will continue to provide our customers with reliable, resilient electric service at the lowest cost possible. The cost of fuel to produce electricity has been and will continue to be a portion of each customer’s monthly bill and OG&E will continue to work on behalf of our customers to procure fuel at competitive costs, minimizing customer impact as much as possible.