OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A Deer Creek High School Sophomore is getting rave reviews on his homemade haunted house.

Austin Huckaby, 15, has been working on design and construction since the last week of August.

He started with the graveyard and just finished the layout Monday.

“I love seeing the kids’ reactions,” said Austin.

Huckaby finished just in time to thrill the hundreds of visitors who are expected to line up Halloween night.

His mom, Debbie Huckaby, is expecting more guests this year.

“He’s so talented,” said Austin’s dad, Chad Huckaby. “He works so hard on this stuff.”

This is the fifth year Austin has turned his home and yard and garage into a massive Halloween spectacular.

He started when he was ten years old, in the fifth grade.

In 2017, he bought his first animatronic monster at Halloween Spirit.

“I really wanted one, so I got one,” remembered Austin. “And now I have 40 of them.”

The Huckabys neighbors in Wynchase, near NW 164th and Rockwell, are shockingly supportive of the fanfare.

“Yes. They stop when they drive by, and they say, hey Austin. It’s looking good,” said Debbie. “He loves doing this. It’s his passion.”

He spent about $4,000 on new decorations this year; his own money, hard-earned to fund this hocus pocus.

Huckaby estimates he’s invested $10-$12,000 over the past five years.

He plans it all out himself. He designs it and constructs each display; every hideous horror is perfectly placed.

“We stay out of his way, and just let him do his thing,” Chad said.

The haunted house is free. Donations are encouraged, and will be invested to grow the event next year.

“I just love scaring people and watching people get scared,” said Austin. “It’s so fun!”

The Huckabys have a climate-controlled storage unit where Austin keeps the animatronics when they are not out on display.

Austin’s hauted house is located at 6321 NW 160th Terrace.

It’s free and open from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Halloween night!