DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma grandmother is left covered in bruises after an attack at a Del City apartment. Now, police are searching for the suspect.

“Just looking at that photograph is, it’s horrifying,” said Cynthia Butler, the victim’s friend. “She is very weak right now and she is scared.”

Butler is speaking on behalf of her friend who was attacked on the night of August 17 at Del City’s Trinity Place Apartments.

Butler’s 63-year-old friend was outside smoking with a neighbor and spotted a man in a car.

“This man, in this maroon Camaro, was sitting in his car for like two hours,” said Butler.

The police report showed the victim called the maintenance man, who told her to call Del City Police. Instead, the grandmother went up to the man’s car to ask if he needed help. The suspect replied that, “he was waiting on his partner.”

Then 15 minutes later, chaos unfolded.

“Walked up to both of them and just started wailing on them with either a flash light or some type of club,” said Butler.

If the bruises and black eye weren’t enough, Butler said her friend just had a heart procedure.

“Him beating on her could’ve turned out to be a deadly incident,” said Butler. “I’m hoping the man that done this gets caught.”

The woman called for help before being rushed to the hospital.

“The tag number is DIY369, it’s a red Camaro,” said the victim on the phone with dispatch.

Now, police will use flock cameras that are capable of reading license plates to track him down.

“We can type in a general vehicle description and it will show us, during a period of time, what type of vehicle match that description and display the license plate there,” said Major Michael Arterberry with Del City Police.

If you know anything about this incident, contact Del City Police at 405-677-2443.