DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Del City High School student is out of the classroom for the rest of the year after they were arrested Monday morning for bringing a gun to school in his backpack.

Del City Police said a family member is the one who called the high school alerting the school that the student might be in possession of a family member’s firearm.

“By 8:10 the juvenile was taken into custody and the firearm was recovered from their backpack,” said Major Brad Cowden, PIO Del City Police.

Less than an hour into the school day and Del City High School administrators were waiting for a student who they heard might have a gun in their bag after a tip came in from a family member.

The teen was searched and a weapon was found. The teen was then arrested by officers.

“They were transported to the juvenile detention center in Oklahoma County where they’ll probably most likely be facing charges of bringing fire onto school property our investigators are still working on that side of it to determine if there was any anything else that was related or anyone else that was related to that,” said Cowden.

News 4 spoke with a few students leaving school on Monday who said they’re thankful nothing went wrong.

“I heard that somebody brought a gun to school and the cops came and someone got arrested…I’m glad no one got hurt,” said a student.

“As of right now we think this is an isolated incident and somebody that just made a poor decision by bringing it to school,” said Cowden.

News 4 reached out to Del City High School for a comment on the incident and were told they would not be doing any interviews.

The school posted this on their website Monday morning.

This morning, Del City High School was alerted that a student was possibly in possession of a family member’s firearm. School administrators were waiting for the student to arrive to check the student’s backpack, where they found the weapon. The student was taken into police custody and will not be returning for the remainder of the year. 


Police are still investigating to find out why the student brought the gun to school in the first place.