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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Former Oklahoma City Police Department officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, who was sentenced to 263 years in prison for a series of rape and sexual assault convictions, was denied a chance at parole by the state pardon and parole board on Monday.

“He didn’t touch me,” Tabitha Barnes said in a newly released deposition video.

In that video released over the weekend, Barnes, one of 13 women who accused former OKCPD officer Daniel Holtzclaw of rape and sexual assault in 2014, you hear her change her testimony.

“He did not touch me,” Barnes said again.

Daniel Holtzclaw’s appeal request for his 18 convictions and 263-year prison sentence was denied in August of 2020.

Judge David Lewis of the court of criminal appeals said, in his opinion, “This case involves a sexual predator who happened to be employed, most unfortunately, as an Oklahoma City police officer.”

The case grabbed national headlines after the 13 Oklahoma City women accused Holtzclaw of sexual attacks while on duty for the police department.

In August 2014, the state charged Daniel with 36 felony counts of rape, sexual battery, indecent exposure, and forcible oral sodomy after the 13 women came forward, claiming the officer assaulted them while they were in custody or inside his police car.

In all, the jury heard 13 accusers’ stories of assault.

Throughout the trial, state prosecutors talked about skin cells found inside and outside Daniel’s pants, around the zipper area.

As detectives spoke with various accusers in their investigation, they explained to the jury that they took DNA samples, trying to find a match to those skin cells.

Prosecutors said the match ultimately came from a then 17-year-old girl, who testified she was raped by the former officer outside her mother’s home.

Forensic analysts discussed how there was more DNA found near the zipper as well but not enough to find a second full match.

In 2015, a jury convicted Daniel of 18 felony charges involving eight of the 13 accusers.

Holtzclaw has claimed he’s innocent all these years.

His legal team sent the state pardon and parole board Barnes’ deposition interview.

But on Monday, the board voted unanimously to deny Holtzclaw’s request to be considered for parole.

“Why should he be in prison for something that he did not do when, especially when the woman is admitting that Daniel never touched her?” Jennifer Holtzclaw, his sister, told KFOR Monday. “Hearing that, it’s, it’s upsetting just because they should have reviewed it for what it is, the woman clearly states Daniel never touched her. She stated it multiple times.”

Jennifer and Holtzclaw’s supporters also believe he had an “unfair trial judge.”

The judge who resided over his case, Tim Henderson, has since resigned from the bench due to a sexual relationship with a prosecutor.

Several convicted felons recently filed requests for a new trial because their cases involved both Henderson and that prosecutor.

However, Holtzclaw had a different prosecutor at trial.

In a statement released over he weekend, Holtzclaw said:

“Now that an accuser has recanted and my unfair trial judge resigned after sexual assault allegations from female attorneys, I hope and pray more people finally see I truly was railroaded and wrongfully convicted. I upheld my oath of office by protecting and serving my community, while Judge Henderson was allegedly abusing women and violating his oath. It’s time to reopen every one of Henderson’s cases, including mine, that was impacted by his sexual misconduct.

To the media: please dig deeper into my case in light of the Henderson scandal and continued suppression of vital evidence. To my supporters: thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping my case alive!”

“We’re all continuing to fight for him. You know, we just hope that one day that Daniel’s given the chance to clear his name,” Jennifer said.

Holtzclaw can once again apply for parole in February of 2023.