LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Logan County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are actively searching for a missing man.

Joseph West’s landlord called 911, concerned about his safety and whereabouts Thursday night.

When police arrived at his trailer around 8:15 that night, they found no one inside, but evidence inside the residence suggested foul play.

“We requested the [Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation] to respond to us to help facilitate an investigation and wrote a search warrant. Currently, we’re executing a search warrant alongside agents of the OSBI and trying to determine what exactly has happened here,” said Logan County Undersheriff Troy Dykes. “The evidence on the scene indicated a struggle had happened, and that is the items that we’re trying to process to determine if we can figure out why somebody is missing from this residence.” 

According to Logan County sheriff investigators, West didn’t show up for his plumbing job Wednesday or Thursday. His employer told investigators that is not like him at all.

His landlord told dispatchers it was West’s birthday, and he would never disappear in this type of manner.

She said she didn’t have any problems with him. West has lived in the RV park near Coltrane Road north of Waterloo for the past three years. 

KFOR has learned West was wearing an ankle monitor for a crime he committed in Texas. That monitor was found cut off and left inside the trailer.

Because West’s crime was committed in Texas, we do not know the details or if it has anything to do with his disappearance.

The mission to find him safe is a priority for the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. 

“Right now, there are missing puzzle pieces that can’t complete a story. So, we have a lot of questions of why this person is not at home,” said Dykes.