KAY COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Officials in Kay County say they are investigating a theft ring that targets Oklahoma businesses.

Authorities with the Kay County Sheriff’s Office say they warning businesses to pay closer attention to people posing as customers.

In this particular theft ring, a group of men are targeting businesses that sell farming equipment, machinery, all-terrain vehicles, tractors, or trailers.

The suspects will enter a dealership and speak with a salesperson about an item. The suspect will agree to purchase the item and will hand over a Texas driver’s license or ID card.

Officials say the suspects are giving the dealerships checks from a closed business account.

Before the business knows that the check will bounce, the suspects have already left with the item and the title.

Businesses that have been targeted so far include:

  • Sawgrass Equipment, LLC near Stillwater
  • Wilson Powersports in Stillwater
  • Swinford Trailers in Noble County
  • Tractor Yard in Coweta.

Officials say the suspects have been known to use either a white half-ton, four-door Dodge pickup truck, or a white three-quarter-ton Chevy pickup. Both vehicles had temporary paper tags.

So far, the scheme has cost businesses more than $75,000.

Anyone with information on the case should call police.