OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III said it was truly a miracle Deputy Jeremy McCain was still alive after being seriously hurt when he drove into a partially opened gate on the campus of Oklahoma Christian Schools.

The gate came through his windshield and crushed his chest, pinning him inside.

Sheriff Johnson called it a “freak accident” and said McCain was driving around 10 miles per hour when it happened.

Doctors who happened to be on campus for an event witnessed the incident and rushed to help.

“They just jumped right in there, started performing CPR,” said Johnson, who credits those bystanders with saving McCain’s life.

McCain died three times that night.

Once on scene and a second time in the emergency room.

“Doctors opened his chest and began to massage his heart for 10 minutes,” said Johnson.

He died a third time in the operating room before doctors revived him.

McCain needed 60 units of blood while in the hospital. His family has urged others to give blood in his name.

Doctors do not know the extend of McCain’s injuries yet but do know he had a broken neck and CT scans showed functioning brain activity.

McCain’s family has been praying for a full recovery. They said he is a single father who has a son that needs him.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office released a picture of McCain in his hospital bed clutching one of his son’s favorite toys.

“Jeremy’s everything to this kid. And I think it’s a lot to be a cop and devote your life to a community and to the service, but also have someone that needs you just as much,” said Johnson.

McCain still has a long road to recovery and will have extensive medical bills. The family set up a GoFundMe account.

There will also be a candlelight vigil for McCain at the gazebo at OU Medical, where McCain is receiving treatment, Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Sheriff Johnson read a letter the family released about McCain during a press conference Monday. You can read the letter below.

Oklahoma Christian Schools has issued the following statement regarding their school resource officer, Deputy Jeremy McCain.

“Deputy McCain is loved by our school community – faculty, parents, and especially our students. He knows them by name, greets them each morning as they arrive on campus, and makes every child feel special. He has been diligent to provide security and a law enforcement presence on our campus, as well as serve as a caring role model for our students. This accident has deeply affected everyone in our school. Our whole community is praying for him and is committed to supporting him in his recovery.”

Dr. Al King, headmaster Oklahoma Christian Schools