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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Two female attorneys allege multiple instances of unwanted sexual approaches by Oklahoma County District Judge Timothy Henderson in a search warrant affidavit made public Monday as the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate. 

“Based upon my experience in Oklahoma County for the last 15 years it was not a surprise,” said Oklahoma City trial lawyer Jacqui Ford. “This is the worst kept secret in the Oklahoma County Courthouse.”

According to Ford, she was interviewed by the OSBI in the investigation. The warrant goes back to 2016, when an attorney said the unwanted approaches first started and continued for years. The attorney said at one point, Henderson called her to his office and “shut the (sic) door, turned her around, kissed her and put her hand on his erect penis (over the clothes.)” 

The warrant detailed other interactions, which included Henderson getting undressed, touching the attorney, and “dry humping” her. The attorney told OSBI investigators that “she did not want to engage in anything Henderson did.” 

“Based upon this affidavit, clearly are sounding in sexual battery,” Ford said. “We may see more significant allegations sounding in rape or something like that.” 

As for why it took the attorney’s years to come forward, the attorneys allege in the documents that they feared for their jobs. At one point the attorney said Henderson “frequently mentioned he always had a gun with him, in his office, in the courtroom, and outside the courthouse.” 

A second attorney claimed hugs with Henderson turned into him allegedly squeezing her backside. At one point she alleged she was groped from behind and forced to kiss him as he touches her inappropriately. 

Ford said she also feels Henderson could be facing disbarment as an attorney. 

“I anticipate that a bar investigation has already began,” Ford said. 

Henderson’s attorney sent KFOR a statement: 

“I am hopeful the OSBI will provide to the reviewing DA both sets of communications – a review of the women’s communications to him will show the willing, consensual nature of the conduct.”

Timothy Henderson’s Attorney