WASHINGTON, Okla. (KFOR)- A devastating fire wiped out a home near East Maple and Highway 24 two weeks ago and the family lost nearly everything.

Angie Smith told KFOR that luckily they’ve had a supportive community and group of neighbors who have donated money to replacing what they lost.

Smith said they have been living in a motel for the past two weeks, but they’re about to rent a new home in which the insurance company is moving furniture into Friday.

“We’ve come back several times to try to get stuff, but you can only spend a little bit of time in there because between the ash and just the sentimental of, you know, being overwhelmed with that, all your stuff is gone,” said Smith.

She and her family were able to recover various items including some clothes, shoes and school diplomas.

Smith added they were also able to pull old school electronics, a yearbook and photos out from the flames.

The family claims to have laid things in their backyard to pick up later.

However, Smith said a neighbor of hers drove by their house and saw three hooded men run out of her home and into the woods.

“They had put a picture in the window of this room over here [Smith points to a bedroom] so that people couldn’t see them. And then when they came back they rifled through [the house], pulled everything off the shelves, left pictures laying on the ground, trampled over stuff,” explained Smith.

Smith said the thieves mostly stole sentimental items that “were not worth anything to anybody but them [pointing at her daughters].”

“I was so mad. I didn’t even sleep last night thinking about it. But yes, I mean, you’re kind of hurt that somebody would do that to you, you know, just besides being mad that they’re invading your private space, even though there’s no windows and doors anymore, it’s still our space,” said Smith.

Smith asks of those who stole her belongings to bring them back to the house, but she isn’t expecting the return of any of it.

“Why would you do that to someone who doesn’t have anything?,” asked Smith.

She also asks that if anyone has any information regarding who did this to call the police.

The Washington Fire Chief, Kenny Keith told KFOR, “I feel really bad for the family’s loss and wish the outcome would have been a lot better.”

Smith’s family does have a GoFundMe set up in hopes of recovering what the insurance company can’t.