OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – We’ve been seeing high numbers of SNAP benefit users not only in Oklahoma, but across the country who are claiming their money has been stolen.

News 4 did an interview with Oklahoma mom, Kaylee Kronske on Monday about her EBT funding being drained to the cent.

Kronske said she purchased a dollar drink from the Casey’s on 33rd and Boulevard over the weekend.

As she went to purchase another the following day, she was told she had insufficient funds.

She told KFOR she didn’t understand why her card wouldn’t go through because she had about $462 left to spend.

Kronske looked over her statement and saw everything she had was withdrawn over a thousand miles away in Brooklyn, New York at Throop Farm Market, also known as Throop Food Market.

“It takes the savings from families. It’s not just like a single person. You know, there’s families that need to be supported with this money and it just can’t happen now,” said Kronske.

According to reviews of Throop Farm Markets, dozens of others across the country claim to have lost all of their EBT funding to this business as well.

“You allowed someone to use just my EBT number and pin (no physical card) in your store on 11/10 and took $516 from my family, not that you low life stealing thieves care but my family had no food for the whole month and no thanksgiving all because of what you’re doing. Police have been contacted and I will be getting my $ back from your store. Stop stealing from people especially starving children to make yourself rich,” said Nikki C. in a review two weeks ago.

Casandra George posted a review two days ago, saying, “I just went to use my food stamp card and someone used my card the other day. I’m a single mother and you took food out of my kids mouth. I really hope you all are happy with yourself. I’ve never been to Brooklyn, New York in my life. I hope my $436.00 really helps you out. I did make a police report and report[ed] it to the government.”

The alleged owner replied to one comment that mentioned filing a police report with, “They’re not going to help you. Many people have already put in multiple reports.”

Out of the dozens of comments, News 4 counted at least 10 states that have been affected by Throop Farm Market fraudulent purchases.

Those states include Oklahoma, South Carolina, Indiana, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, and Tennessee.

KFOR tried calling the phone number associated with who appears to be Throop Farm Market’s Owner, Dawood Kassim, but the line is out of service.

This isn’t the only Brooklyn business who has slid under the microscope of theft allegations.

Another Oklahoma woman, who declined to go on camera, said about $1,900 of her EBT funding was withdrawn by Brooklyn Meat Market.

Her EBT statement shows three separate payments were withdrawn at the meat market on December 8.

When searching the meat market, it appears to be owned by Carlos Meat Market Corporation.

News 4 searched the business’s address listed on a bank statement and it looks to be a personal residence.

According to the New York Department of State records, Carlos Meat Market Corporation has been a registered agent since November 21, 2022.

The business license for the Brooklyn Meat Market location is active.

“This EBT was just helping us get by until I got my real estate license next month. Very rough time for many families to have this happen as the Department of Human Services won’t reimburse fraud,” she said.

A DHS representative confirmed that, unfortunately, those who have had their EBT funding stolen will not be reimbursed.

“We are not allowed to use federal funds to reimburse these types of fraudulent transactions. So we have no means to make that customer whole,” said the Communications Administrator for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Casey White.

White said it is a federal policy she hopes will change over time.

White added DHS isn’t flagging charges like these either unless the user reports it as fraud.

Unless activity is “really, really suspicious,” it doesn’t pose a threat.

News 4 also asked White if it would be considered suspicious activity if large sums of money are withdrawn at one time.

“We can’t deny a transaction if they have the pin because the pin is what is used to identify that this person is supposed to be the owner of that account,” explained White.

White couldn’t confirm any business or customer information, but did say there is an active investigation right now.

News 4 reached out to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office as well with the two Brooklyn business names as well as who appears to be the owner of Throop Farm Market.

A representative said, “I checked and can tell you that there’s an ongoing investigation into misuse of EBT cards in Brooklyn. That’s all I can say about that.”

The Office of Inspector General is working with several task force agencies to get to the bottom of EBT frauds, according to White.

“This is not just something that’s isolated to Oklahoma. This is happening nationwide right now. And so they’re working together to investigate all these instances and see, you know, what in the world is going on,” stated White.

News 4 also reached out to the FBI to see if they’re investigating the matter.

A representative said, “As a matter of longstanding policy, the FBI does not comment on the existence of an investigation. We take EBT Fraud very seriously and encourage anyone who thinks they have been victimized to report the incident via our Internet Crimes Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov.”

For more information on EBT cards, visit the Code of Federal Regulations’ website.