OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A disabled Oklahoma City woman said her mobility scooter was stolen from her apartment and she has no idea how it happened.

Debbie Lyons lived at the Forest Creek apartments in northwest Oklahoma City for 12 years, but concerns about her safety and health forced her to make a change and move out.

“The first few years were good,” said Lyons.

She gave her complex a 30-day notice and her family began moving her out.

Lyons’ family says they went back on October 5 to get another load of belongings when they noticed Lyons’ $2,000 mobility scooter was gone, along with a camera and a paper shredder.

“We’ve only had the scooter a few months,” said Eileen Curtis, Lyons’ daughter-in-law. “Debbie’s gotten to use it a couple of times and it’s been great. It’s really helped her being able to move around a little better.”

Lyons, who is disabled and on oxygen, has trouble walking for long periods of time.

She told KFOR her former complex does not have video surveillance on the property.

News 4 approached the manager’s office to ask about the situation but were told no one could talk to us and we were quickly walked out of the building.

Lyons said she does not know what happened to her belongings, but her doors were locked with no sign of a break-in.

The family says they just want answers as to how the scooter disappeared.

“I’m not hopeful that will happen,” said Curtis. “But it would be fantastic if we could get that returned.”

The family did not file a police report, but has considered filing a civil suit against the complex.

They also said Lyons is on a fixed income and can’t afford a new scooter. The family has been trying to save up enough money to buy a new one, but it will take months.