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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — On Wednesday, the Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater sent KFOR a copy of a letter he wrote for the Pardon and Parole Board objecting to Julius Jones’ commutation.

This coming a week after Jones’ name appeared on the March commutation docket.

“I don’t know what David Prater’s motivation is related to this letter but what I do know is that he should know better,” said Dale Baich, one of Julius Jones’ attorney.

Baich weighing in on Prater’s letter to the Pardon and Parole Board.

Prater saying, “over the last few years, Julius Jones and his attorneys have engaged in a coordinated and alarmingly successful campaign of misinformation, spurred by media frenzy, which is specifically targeted to manipulate and mislead the public through dissemination of half-truths and, frequently, outright lies.”

The letter also going into detail to what Prater calls Jones’ “extensive criminal history,” including attempted shoplifting and carjacking’s.

You may remember, Jones was convicted back in 2002 after the 1999 murder of Paul Howell. 

But his supporters say he didn’t commit the murder– claiming DNA found on a bandana used as evidence against his doesn’t constitute a match under law enforcement standards.

On Monday, Jones’ legal team sending News 4 a letter, along with a video of Roderick Wesley, who allegedly served time with Jones’ co-defendant, Christopher Jordan, in an Arkansas penitentiary. Wesley saying Jordan, confessed multiple times to murdering a man and framing Julius.

“I looked at it as if it was my situation, I would want someone who has information to go ahead and do that. Because this is a man’s life on the line,” Wesley said. “I can sit here and say he did admit to me that it was him who killed that guy.”

Baich saying Prater’s letter doesn’t address this.

“Much of what is in this letter is uncharged accusations against Julius. They have never been presented to court. He’s just throwing these out there I think in a desperate attempt to try and convince the board that Julius was responsible for Mr. Howell’s death,” Baich said. “He ignores that fact that three people came forward and said that Christopher Jordan confessed to them that he committed the murder.”

Prater also sending News 4 this statement on Wednesday–

“The State of Oklahoma has presented direct evidence, already in the record, refuting any claims of innocence being advanced by the convicted killer, his counsel or his supporters.  The presentation of the evidence is in the appropriate legal forum and will not commented on in the media.  We do this to honor Mr. Paul Howell and his family.  Continued misinformation espoused by the killer’s PR firm will not be responded to.”

The Pardon and Parole Board could soon vote to hear Jones’ plea for commutation.