SASAKWA, Okla. (KFOR) – Newly uncovered court documents reveal a deadly Seminole County shootout started as a dispute over land and trespassing.

Investigators said the encounter was captured on phone and dash cam video. The court documents detail what was said and done on the footage.

“It’s really sad to see the violence around here in the countryside, just where you come out here to escape, you know?” said Jon Spurlock, who heard the gunshots.

On Nov. 6th, 2022, gunshots rang out on a 149-acre property in rural Sasakwa.

Earlier in the day, agents with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigators said Daniel Sisco’s trail cams captured a picture of Robie Watters on the property Sisco was leasing.

Documents said when Sisco went to move the cameras, Watters pulled up, armed with a rifle. He allegedly told Sisco, “I’ll shoot” and “come talk to me now.”

Investigators said Watters denied trespassing and threatened to shoot the trail cameras. Watters also allegedly admitted he had been drinking.

According to documents, as tensions rose, Sisco grabbed a gun and told his son to call police. He allegedly also told Watters, “It would be a good idea to go.”

Court documents show Watters’ stepson, Russell “Rusty” Bolen pulled up with a pistol in his hand.

“I’ll shoot that m*********** in the head. Who are you, m***********?” Bolen allegedly said to Sisco.

A few seconds pass and Bolen runs after Sisco saying, “I’m about to F*****’ do it, dude.”

The OSBI agent said Bolen aimed his pistol at Sisco, but didn’t pull the trigger. However, court documents said Sisco fired his gun “in self-defense.” He told agents “I knew I was gonna die.”

Russell “Rusty” Bolen, 33, died from his injuries.

Documents show as Sisco ran away, Watters continued firing at Sisco.

Jon Spurlock lives a half-mile away. Spurlock told News 4 he heard the gunshots while watching TV with his wife.

“It wasn’t just a five minute thing. It lasted a long time,” said Spurlock. “It sounded like, 30, 40 rounds at the time going off.”

A week later, the OSBI announced Watters was arrested on warrants for second-degree murder, shooting with intent to kill, felony pointing a firearm, and carrying a weapon under the influence of alcohol.

In a statement to KFOR, Watters’ attorney, Richard Butner, said the OSBI was misled.

“Daniel Sisco did not have right to be on the land upon which this shooting occurred,” said Butner.

Butner said the Sisco’s are battling allegations that they “are in the unauthorized possession of the subject property.”

Watters is reeling from the loss of his step son, Rusty.

Watters was charged to First Degree Murder and Shooting With Intent to Kill on Monday.

Butner said they’ve asked for OSBI reports, statements, and evidence but haven’t received anything. They are hopeful the state will not file charges against Watters.

News 4 reached out to the DA’s office but we did not hear back.

News 4 also attempted but ultimately could not reach Daniel Sisco for comment.