SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Someone is responsible for shooting arrows at a dog, leaving it wounded and needing multiple surgeries. The dog was hit not once, but twice with arrows after his owners let him outside to use the restroom. Later they came to find their dog sitting in a pool of blood and severely injured.  

Friday, the dog remains at Northside Veterinary Hospital in Shawnee. He is still being treated and has been there for almost a month now. The family is desperate for answers. Who did this to Koda? 

“One time you shoot, that could be an accident, but two times being shot by an arrow, I feel that was 100% not an accident at all, and Koda is paying the price for that,” said Melody Davis, Koda’s owner. 

The morning of September 16th, the family found an arrow in Koda’s back right thigh. It went through the muscle.  

Dog hit with bow and arrow
Koda shot with arrows. Image courtesy Melody Davis.

Koda immediately went into surgery and was later sent back home.  

But, days later the owners noticed something still wasn’t right. 

“We noticed that his testicles were swelling. They were really big in size,” said Davis.  

So, Koda went back to the animal hospital.

“There was actually a second arrow that was used during the first incident and that one had actually severed his male genitals and his urethra, and that is what was causing him not to be able to urinate and all of that was backing up into his kidneys and to his scrotum area… If the vet had caught it from the get-go, I feel maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad,” said Davis.  

Melody Davis says Koda ended up having to be neutered.  

“The next option for them was to do an operation, which was to pull the urethra back and create a new way for him to go to the bathroom,” said Davis.  

Koda is still having complications.  

“They’ve even tried two different medicines to try and get it to stop. And the bleeding is still continuing,” said Davis.  

In the picture below, you can see the two arrows that were shot into Koda.  

Two arrows used to hit Koda. Image courtesy Melody Davis.

An incident report from the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office reveals the arrow was used for hunting. The report says, “The arrow was a hunting type arrow and not a practice arrow.” 

“Somebody is out there practicing with an arrow,” said Davis.

The report also says a woman on Facebook stated, “The dog was being aggressive.” and then later told the deputy the dog “attacked her daughter.” 

However, the deputy also claims in the report that the dog did not seem aggressive. It says quote, “When I approached the dog, he did not seem aggressive.”

“I know the vets have fallen in love with him. Koda is not aggressive. The only thing he’s guilty of is wanting his belly rubbed,” said Davis.  

Vets tell us once Koda is fully cured, he will be sent back home with family.  

The Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office tells us the investigation is pending as there are no suspects at this time.  

There’s been a Go Fund Me set up to help pay for Koda’s medical expenses, if you’d like to help, you can click this link to donate.