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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Lincoln County woman is now afraid to let her own child in her front yard after she says two dogs attacked her car.

“I was just thinking, ‘Oh my gosh. I’m glad it wasn’t me or my kid,’” said Ruddy Wheat, who says dogs attacked her vehicle.

Wheat says seeing dogs near her home isn’t out of the ordinary, but what happened to her car, is.

“I just looked outside and they were on top of the car,” Wheat said.

She says two pit bulls attacked her Cadillac SUV on Monday afternoon, all because they were trying to get to a cat hiding inside.

The dogs left deep scratches and bite marks behind. Even ripping off parts of the hood and windshield wipers.

Wheat’s insurance company thought she was kidding.

“They laughed at me and said, ‘Are you serious?’ And I’m like, ‘yeah.’ I didn’t know what else to say to them,” Wheat said.

Wheat says thankfully the cat wasn’t hurt.

But as for the dogs, they’ve disappeared. Unsure if they belong to someone nearby or if they’re strays.

She also says another neighbor had the same thing happen just a month earlier.

Now she’s afraid for the next animal or even person that comes across the dogs.

“Anything could have happened. They could have gotten the cat. The cat could have froze on my son, and they could have attacked my son. You never know,” Wheat said.

Wheat says she did attempt to file a police report. She was told without knowing who the dogs belong to or where they are now, there’s little that can be done.