OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – OKC Animal Welfare is working alongside the Oklahoma City Police Department after multiple dogs have been found drowned in a local pond.

According to Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers, they were contacted by the Animal Welfare about dogs being drowned at Edwards Park. So far, there have been a total of four dogs found in the pond.

“We were contacted by our friends at Animal Welfare about a case they are currently working, they’re asking for our help.” said OKCPD MSgt. Jennifer Wardlow. “It’s a terrible case where, we don’t know who obviously is doing this, but there have been dogs that have been drowned at Edwards Park.”

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MSgt. Wardlow says the first dog was found on January 19, 2023, although it is unknown when the dog was actually drowned. Investigators say the dogs were found tied up and weighed down with items like cinder block or bricks.

“What they tell us is that these dogs have been tied up to either cinder block or a brick, something heavy, to weight the dogs down obviously so they can throw them in there and die.” said MSgt. Wardlow.

Officials say there are currently no leads to who might be doing this and investigators are asking those who live in that area if they may have seen anything suspicious.

OKCPD asks anyone who may have any information to contact Crime Stoppers by submitting an anonymous tip or calling 405-235-7300.