OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok (KFOR) — It’s been two weeks since an Oklahoma County judge ruled that Glynn Simmons will not face a new murder trial. Simmons was first convicted in 1975 of shooting a liquor store clerk to death during a robbery in Edmond and shooting a second woman in the head who survived.

After 48 years in prison, Simmons is starting a new life and getting help from the community. Ebenezer Baptist Church held a Health and Distribution fair on Saturday where they provided Simmons with new furniture for his home.

“My first time having a home of furniture of my own and so I’m going to treasure it, you know, and enjoy it,” said Simmons.

The Senior pastor of the church said he’s thankful they were able to give Simmons so much.

“We will do our best to furnish the entire home. We’re just grateful that World Vision sent these trailer loads of product to us in order for us to help people like Mr. Glynn Simmons,” said derrick Scobey, the Senior Pastor, at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

After 48 years in prison, Simmons says now his life is beginning.

“It is the only start. Not just a fresh start. The first start. You know, I never had a chance before. Now have one,” said Simmons.

“I’m ecstatic that he has been able to receive really all that he needed as it relates to furniture. He does still need a washer and dryer set, but we’re just grateful that he has what he has now,” said Scobey.

Pastor Scobey said a donation like this is humbling.

“To have someone who has really never had something as simple as furniture that that that just reminds me of how grateful I ought to be about every single little thing that I do have,” said Scobey.

In addition to receiving new furniture for his home, Glynn Simmons also got a check up on his cancer treatment and his overall health.

He said Saturday’s donation is something he’ll never forget.

“I’m extremely happy. I’m excited. You know, it’s the best thing anybody ever done for me besides free me from prison. It’s one of the best it’s up there,” said Simmons.

Simmons said being faithful and resilient while in prison is what led him to where he is now.