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PEAVINE, Okla. (KFOR) — It was a tale that captured that hearts of thousands of Oklahomans.

A downed calf and a failed cattle dog who became best friends on an Oklahoma farm.

When Cupcake the calf was born, her legs were all crooked. Eventually, her back legs straightened but her front legs remained too bent for her to walk.

At the same time, the farm was home to a failed cattle dog named Bo.

Although he was supposed to help wrangle the cattle, Bo would get too sick in the truck to be much help.

However, the two misfits formed a friendship.

“The very first day we took her home and started her on the bottle, he just took up with her and started licking up all the milk off her face, and wouldn’t leave her,” Genia Kay Meyer said.

The pair spent all their time together and soon got the attention of social media.

“I had no idea it would go like that,” she says of the thousands of views and likes she’s received on Facebook.

Her snapshots seemed to capture something that cut right across the divide between human, cattle, or canine.

This right here, this was love in its purest form.

“I’ve never seen two animals take to each other like that,” said Tim.

On Wednesday, the couple announced the sad news that Cupcake had passed away in the night.

Meyer says that Cupcake just turned 1-year-old a couple of weeks ago, and lived a lot longer than most people expected.