OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Dozens of Oklahoma City Popeyes chicken workers are expressing anger that they haven’t been getting paid by the company, with some saying they haven’t gotten a paycheck in a month.

Employees have been reaching out to KFOR saying they aren’t getting paid, and they haven’t received any explanations from corporate.

Workers at the location at 6233 Northwest Expressway say they did not receive their paycheck this past Friday.

“Our bills are due, our rent is due,” complained one worker. “We’re literally facing eviction. I have kids, and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of us who have kids.”

They’ve heard rumors that the lack of pay is because of a change in the company’s payroll system, but management isn’t providing a clear explanation.

“We’re asking them constantly, what’s going on? How can they help us? And we’re getting nothing,” another worker said.

Workers at the branch at 7612 S. Western Ave. say they haven’t been paid for a month.

“They haven’t given us any background information on why,” one employee complained. “They’ve just kind of been letting us stay in the dark.”

“We feel offended,” his co-worker said. “You should pay us. We shouldn’t work for free.”

Even the general manager on Northwest Expressway is feeling the stress.

“I just want to get my employees paid,” he said. “It’s hard trying to handle the frustrations of every one of my employees on top of myself not being paid, and then still trying to get them to have the courage to come to work and want to run the store so that I don’t have to be here running it by myself. So it’s frustrating on everybody.”

A woman at a Popeye’s in Shawnee, Oklahoma also complained of not getting paid.

KFOR reached out to Popeyes multiple times on Wednesday for comment and are awaiting a response.