OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A dilemma over a restaurant drive-thru continues in Garvin County. A man has been in protest as the Town of Maysville constructed a sidewalk in front of his wife’s taco restaurant, and he got to further express his frustrations at a special town meeting Wednesday night.

Ricky Page told the town trustees that the recently constructed sidewalk is stealing two-thirds of Toodles Tacos’ revenue, since it blocks its drive-thru and drivers can’t access it.

“Y’alls the one that’s robbing her of her livelihood!” he yelled at the meeting, that was specially held just to discuss his complaints.  

Page told KFOR that he wishes a solution could have been found before the concrete was laid last week.

“What set me off was they had the opportunity to do this right before they poured this cement and they basically told me to kick rocks,” he said.

The sidewalk was funded by a state grant and is meant to help people with disabilities.
A town trustee told KFOR the contractors constructed it exactly as the grant’s blueprint directed, but as a result Toodles Tacos has since had to close their drive-thru.

“My wife loses hundreds of dollars a day of revenue every day that this is not fixed,” he told us.
The town’s special meeting was called to see if there was a way to help Page and his wife, and although it was contentious, the trustees ultimately voted to spend upwards of $500 to construct a ramp off of the sidewalk, as long as Page changes two metal panels on the restaurant’s fence to clear ones so that both drivers on the street and in the drive-thru can see each other.
Page said he’d accept the deal for now.

“His solution right now is to dump rock against that curb so people can drive off of it,” he said, seemingly not fully satisfied. “He’s going to throw rock in the street. That is not a solution.”
Town trustees said the construction of the ramp should begin sometime this week.