COTTON COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A driver caught going 165 mph in a 75 mph zone on an Oklahoma turnpike is now facing a nearly $500 ticket and the possibility of future charges.

It happened this week in Cotton County. The driver was just issued that pricey ticket – for now. 

“This is something that’s uncalled for, but it’s not uncommon, unfortunately,” said Trooper Eric Foster with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. 

Foster says Troopers continue to see a massive increase in speed on state roadways – but no matter how fast you’re going, the law will catch up to you. 

“I like to tell people this all the time,” said Foster. “Look, you may be a fast and furious driver. You may be all of this, but you can’t outrun the radio. We may have three partners down the road or talking to other agencies.” 

OHP took to social media this week with a post about a driver pulled over in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat going 165 miles per hour in a 75 mile per hour zone on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike in Cotton County.  

In the comments, people expressed that the $449 ticket didn’t seem like enough – some saying the driver should have been arrested. 

“If you’ll look under state statute, reckless driving is not an arrestable offense in some counties,” Foster said. “It just depends on which county you’re in. So by definition, they have to put other people in danger to be charged with reckless driving. Were there other vehicles on the roadway? If there’s no vehicles on the roadway, who are they reckless to?” 

Foster says arrest is possible, though. 

“Just because at the stop you don’t get led away in handcuffs doesn’t mean that once we present charges to the district attorney, they don’t charge you with an arrestable crime later,” said Foster. “Our role is just to stop the immediate danger and to document what happened.”

Foster says if you see a driver going at an excessive speed like this, call 911 when you are in a safe place to do so.