DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Dozens of pounds of fentanyl was allegedly seized in a traffic stop Saturday afternoon after a driver failed to stop at a stop sign.

Police said when they approached the vehicle, the driver – identified as 20-year-old Servando Osuna – appeared nervous and they could smell marijuana from inside the vehicle. They also spotted a marijuana cigarette and a glass stem.

Servando Osuna Credit: Oklahoma County Detention Center
Servando Osuna Credit: Oklahoma County Detention Center

When asked by police if there were more drugs in the car, Osuna told them they were in the doors.

Upon receiving consent to search the vehicle, officers found 37 sealed bags of fentanyl in the frames of the doors.

The seizure totaled just under 60 pounds, and police estimated that the street value was $2-3 million.

Sealed bags of what is believe to be fentanyl
Credit: Del City Police Department

“We don’t normally see things this big,” said Major Michael Arterbury, with Del City Police. “I’ve been doing this almost 20 years and I’ve never seen one this big.”

Major Arterbury said that Del City was not Osuna’s final destination. It is their assumption that he was only passing through town.

Despite the shipment being intended to leave Del City, Aterbury said he has seen an uptick in overdoses of fentanyl in recent years and his officers stay prepared.

“It’s gotten to the point where our officers are issued Naloxone to administer to people in the field and actually bring them out of that when they overdose,’ said Arterbury.

Osuna was charged with trafficking controlled dangerous substances, disobeying a stop sign, no state drivers license, no insurance verification, improper tag display, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and destruction of city property.