OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond has joined dozens of other attorneys general to urge Congress to pass the ‘Combating Illicit Xylazine Act.’

The act would provide critical measures to combat the widespread illicit use and trafficking of xylazine and help prevent xylazine-related deaths.

Officials say there has been a surge in overdose deaths nationwide related to xylazine, a potent veterinary medication that has been widely mixed with opioids like fentanyl and is easily obtainable online.

“It is important that Congress moves swiftly and decisively to address the dangers of Xylazine, which has made the nation’s deadly fentanyl crisis even deadlier,” Drummond said. “Xylazine-related overdose deaths are spiking throughout the U.S. We cannot afford inaction.”

Xylazine is only approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a veterinary medicine used to sedate and relieve pain in large animals.

In humans, xylazine is known to depress breathing and heart rate, and lower blood pressure. It can cause unconsciousness, necrosis, and even death.

Officials say existing medications like naloxone are ineffective in reversing the drug’s effects.

Under the Combating Illicit Xylazine Act, the drug would be classified as a Schedule III narcotic and the DEA would be able to track the manufacturing and sale of xylazine.

It would also require the U.S. Attorney General to submit a report to Congress detailing the prevalence, risks and recommendations on how to regulate the illicit use of xylazine.

The bill would also ensure all salts, isomers, and other forms of xylazine are covered when restricting the drug’s use.