Eastside Pizza House tells KFOR that the stolen boombox is back with it’s rightful owner, although it came with a very bizarre explanation.

The owner Jaybee Willam shared pictures of this man who took it hoping someone could track the boombox down.

The owner says the boombox was returned with a note attached saying it was actually taken on accident.  

UPDATE: MONDAY 2/06/2023:

Eastside Pizza House says the boombox was returned Monday evening.


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City’s Eastside Pizza House is offering a $500 reward for information on/the return of its display boombox.

According to Eastside Pizza House owner Jabee Williams, the custom-made boombox was taken during a catering event.

Before it could be returned to the restaurant, it was taken.

“Please help us identify the person in these photos and ensure that the boombox is returned to its home,” said Williams. “We would like to offer a $500 reward to find the thief, and a $500 reward for the return of the boombox.”

If you have information on this incident, contact Eastside Pizza House at 405-900-6767 or eastsidephgm@gmail.com.