EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A beloved Edmond couple is recovering at home after a high-speed chase suspect crashed into their car during the pursuit.

“I remember someone saying to me, ‘Stay with us, ma’am. We’re going to get you out of here,’” said Linda Crittenden.

The grandparents of six were driving to church on May 29th, along Sooner and Covell, when a high-speed chase suspect t-boned their car. Their vehicle rolled multiple times.

“Hearing the firemen say, ‘How do we get them out of here?’ I’m thinking, ‘This is really a bad dream,’” said Dr. Mickey Crittenden.

Dr. Crittenden, 75, was rushed to the hospital. He had 22 broken bones.

“Three fractured vertebrae, 16 rib fractures, broken ankle, fractured foot, and a broken collarbone,” said the retired pediatrician. “I could bare weight on one leg and use one arm.”

Dr. Mickey Crittenden called his wife an over-achiever. The 74-year-old had 29 broken bones from the crash. Her pelvis and arms were broken in several places.

“I had 14 ribs that were fractured and then the rest were vertebrae that were fractured,” said Linda, a retired mental health specialist.

Linda spent 11 days in the hospital, then 7-weeks in a skilled nursing facility.

“They kept telling me that I would be very weak. I would eventually walk, but I probably wouldn’t ever walk real far,” she said. “I just wanted to do it as soon as I could. And so [my therapist] was very accommodating and helped me stand up and they let me start using a walker about three or four days later.”

“It’s pretty hard to see each other all banged up,” said Dr. Crittenden.

Crittenden just took off his neck brace on Friday. He ditched the wheelchair and leg braces ten days ago.

However, that relief is nothing compared to Linda getting to finally come home Friday.

“She’s a very positive person,” said Crittenden. “That really helped her recovery.”

Now, they can help each other heal.

“Doesn’t matter what we do. Everything is a chore, but we’re just so happy to be home. We just laugh about it and go on,” said Linda.

“Given our age, we’re probably never be back to normal, but we get back to near normal and travel and do stuff for the grandkids. That’s enough,” said the doctor.

“People have just cared so much and that makes you feel a whole lot better. That’s wonderful medicine,” said Linda.

Linda said she has a long list of people to write thank you notes to, however that will have to wait. Right now, she can’t look down in her neck brace.

“I just want to, I want to thank everyone for all the prayers are said for us, all the kind words, contacts that we’ve received since the accident. I also want to thank all the firemen, the doctors, the nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists for all doing their job so well to get us back to our house,” said the doctor.

Next week, the Crittenden’s are celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary. They’re hoping Linda will feel well enough to go out and have a nice fancy dinner.