EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Several drivers in Edmond have claimed the traffic light at the city’s most dangerous intersection continues to malfunction.

A recent social media post from a driver said she was driving south on Kelly, turning left onto Danforth, with a green turn light when drivers coming northbound reportedly had a green light too. She said the cars nearly crashed and the moment was chaotic.

Elizabeth Allen said, when she read the post, it brought back a flood of memories from when she was “t-boned” at the crossway.

“I was obviously turning on a green arrow, but they claim that they had a green light as well,” said Allen. “Then there was another woman that was on the same side as him that claim that it was also a green light.”

Allen said every time she talked about the crash, she got nervous jitters and was still fearful of driving.

“My husband has helped me gain a lot of my confidence back,” said Allen.

So far in 2022, Edmond police said there have bene 37 accidents at the intersection; nine where someone was hurt, but no deaths.

KFOR talked to Bill Begley, marketing manager for the city of Edmond, who said the lights in the area have been running with new Intelligent Traffic Systems which will help to manage the flow of traffic and monitor for any malfunctions. Begley said the if the reported situation happened the lights would automatically sense a problem, triggering a built-in safety default, and it would instantly turn into a red flashing four-way stop. Begley said it would be nearly impossible for a situation like wrong green lights to happen.

“We also checked the cameras from the intersection at the time of when the incident happened and the traffic management center saw nothing unusual with the lights at the time,” said Begley.

The city said the intersection will soon get a major makeover by adding turn lanes and other features. Begley said if any driver sees something they think is wrong with the traffic system, to contact the Edmond engineering department.