EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – There are thousands of Oklahoma children in the foster care system; many of them going through life without a home or many things to call their own.

One Edmond family has made it their mission to help these kids and the families who care for them.

When friends of Justin and Jessica Davis welcomed foster children into their home, they discovered a need that tugged at their hearts.

“We saw firsthand how many of these kids show up with very little, just the clothes on their backs,” Justin said.

That inspired them to start BrightSkyMinistry.org, a website where foster families can list the things they need that are essential but costly.

“To have a new car seat that’s comfortable, that fits them, that’s not expired, that’s safe,” said Justin. “To have a bed that’s new to them and comfortable. I just I hope that it gives them a sense of love.”

Through sponsorships and donations, Bright Sky buys those items and ships them directly to the foster families’ homes.

Their first year, they helped 50 kids and it’s grown exponentially from there.

“We’re on track this year, the way that everything’s increased, it’s probably going to be around 1,200 kids by the end of this year,” said Jusitn. 

Justin and Jessica say they know many families want to foster but don’t believe they can afford it.

They hope providing these essentials will encourage them to take the leap, as the best thing they can provide these kids is free.

“It’s such a joy to know that they’ve got a safe and loving home,” Jessica said. “Some people, a family to support them.”

With a 200% increase in requests plus inflation, the Davis family is hoping to raise about $200,000 to serve the families in need.

They’re holding a golf tournament fundraiser next month.

For more information on that and ways to support their mission, you can visit https://www.brightskyministry.org/