EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A backyard in Edmond was destroyed after the weekend storms. The homeowner claims her yard is flooded due to poor structural design.

She also said she’s not alone, some of her neighbors are having the same issues with the same home builder. 

The backyard is flooded about three to four inches. The homeowner said water was flowing from one end of the yard to another while she worked to keep the water from going inside her home. 

“If it were a 20-year-old house, I would understand. This shouldn’t be happening to a 5-year-old house,” said Wendy Perez, homeowner.  

Wendy Perez said she bought the home from the previous owners in July of 2021. It was originally built by TimberCraft Homes in 2017.  

During the storm, she used a broom to keep the water from going inside. 

“If I wouldn’t have been here, I would have had a disaster inside the house,” said Perez. 

Perez claims it’s the home builders’ fault. She believes her damaged backyard is due to poor retaining walls and zero drainage in the design. 

“This house is maybe five, six years old. I shouldn’t be covering for a retaining wall repairs,” said Perez.  

The flooding has caused erosion and ruts in her yard.  

Perez said she reached out to TimberCraft Homes for help feeling she’s not responsible for the thousands it will cost to fix the drainage problems.  

The builder sent an email to her saying, “If the yard is not holding proper draining today, something around your home has changed, causing this occurrence.” 

The company also noted, “This should have been addressed with the disclosure of the house if there are any drainage issues.” 

“I think it is completely unfair… I have to do the French drainage. I just hope there’s some sort of help that the builder can be responsible for their poor design,” said Perez.  

A Facebook thread also shows other homeowners who are claiming to have the same issue with TimberCraft Homes. 

“Most of them, if they’re on a incline or they have these types of retaining walls, they’re all having issues,” said Perez.  

Perez said one neighbor told her their insurance won’t cover the damage in their yard. 

“The insurance told them that it was not covered because their house got flooded because of structural issues, not because the rain was sideways,” said Perez.  

We’ve reached out to TimberCraft Homes several times for a comment. So far, we haven’t heard back.