Update: Friday 2/24/2023

After KFOR’s original story, Steven Dickey told us AT&T was there to fix all of his problems the next day. 

“Thank you guys very much. We couldn’t get anything to happen, and we were hitting brick walls, but we thank you guys very much. You guys made it happen for us,” said Steven Dickey, Edmond resident. 

Original Story

EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An Edmond man claims AT&T workers broke his sprinkler line last June.

He also said they’ve had to install three new lines altogether. The last one was installed months ago and hasn’t been buried under the ground. 

The man said he is now out thousands of dollars and still waiting for a response to his claim about his broken sprinkler.  

His high-speed internet line is another problem. The line travels from the backyard all the way up to the street. The man lives at the home said it’s been like this since October. 

“They cut it right in here somewhere and it bubbled up and it went that way, and it went that way and all of that dirt is just sunk,” said Steven Dickey, Edmond resident. 

Steven Dickey said in July, the sprinkler was originally cut on the first installation of the wiring by AT&T. 

He called AT&T to let them know they cut the sprinkler line and made a claim. 

“I called AT&T. We got a claim number from AT&T for them to come fix it. We called, we called, we called. In August, September, October,” said Dickey. 

Dickey then said his internet went out. So, he called AT&T again. They came out and installed a new line. 

Dickey claims that the new line wasn’t buried far enough under the sidewalk, so it was accidentally cut when mowing the yard. 

“The lawn guys had cut it because they went too deep when they were edging the sidewalk. And I said [to AT&T], well, why don’t you bury it deeper? Why is it that shallow, that an edger on the sidewalks are going to catch an AT&T Internet line? And he said, well, there’s no regulations about how deep we bury it,” said Dickey. 

AT&T came out for a third time in October to install a new line and it hasn’t been buried underground ever since.  

“When you get over there you can see all of the damage on the retaining wall,” said Dickey. 

The line goes from his back yard, to over the sidewalk, and then plugs into a box on the side of the street. 

“Since last year, I have a line that’s been running across our yard since last October,” said Dickey.

“I’ve have probably thousands of dollars worth of damage over here and dirt on this retaining wall. I have a sprinkler system I got to get fixed… I just don’t feel like spending three or $4,000 on something that’s a bad install,”. 

KFOR reached out to AT&T Monday. 

An AT&T spokesperson. They told KFOR, “We are working with our contractor to investigate this claim and resolve any impacts from our work.” 

Dickey said AT&T called him and they plan to stop by for a follow up Tuesday.