EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A resident in an Edmond neighborhood said he and his neighbors have been dealing with a smelly problem in a pond behind their homes as blue/green algae looks to have taken over its shorelines in several areas.

The algae is built up along the banks, looking almost like sludge with a blue and green tint to it.

Scott Suchak said he has lived in that area for 14 years and over the past year and a half, the problem has gotten much worse.

“A lot of the residents that I see walking around the pond aren’t even aware and they’re walking their dogs, you know, so I try to tell them, keep your dogs away,” Suchak said.

What was once a nice area to fish and take walks for Suchak has become infested with the algae along the banks in just about every area of it.

“They became really, really bad in appearance and also a really strong odor recently,” Suchak said. “They can produce toxins that could be harmful to people and animals.”

It is also harmful to the fish in the pond.

Suchak said he has sent samples to a state environmental lab, which detected five strains of bacteria consistent with blue/green algae.

He said he’s been told they plan to do more testing on the pond Thursday. But maintenance to fix the issue is also in a tangle.

“We’ve got two HOAs that co-manage the pond and there’s been some difficulties with logistics and coordination and convincing people that we need to be doing more to help the pond as it ages,” Suchak said.

Suchak added that the current maintenance they do isn’t enough. Now, he’s hoping to spread awareness to get something done.

“I think now it’s important to make it a higher priority that we get something done,” he said.

Suchak said he has some ideas in mind that may help the issue like an irrigation system to cultivate the vegetation around the pond.