EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — An Edmond man hopes OG&E power pole fixes stop outage problem he and his neighbors have dealt with for months.

An Edmond man said Friday that he’s been dealing with consistent power outages for months and said some of them are by no means just power flickers. He said he didn’t appear to be getting any answers to the problem, until now.

“It’s our new normal,” said Rob Denton.

Denton said there’s a power pole near his home that has been the source of outages at he and his neighbors north Edmond homes ever since the October 2020 ice storm.

“What’s frustrating is there’s no rhyme or reason,” Denton said. “We didn’t have lightning. We didn’t have 75 mile an hour wind.”

Sometimes the outages were just power flickers, sometimes it was out for hours, other times he said it was out for days.

“Everybody was miserable,” he said.

He claims OG&E told him he’s had 14 outages in just 9 months. Denton claimed that 8 of those were for significant amounts of time. He and his neighbors began having to looks out for one another.

“We have a group text. ’Hey, power’s out, out of town. Can you put gas in my generator? Can you take the meat out of my freezer? Can you check on my pets?’” Denton said. “It’s brought us together.”

He said they had another outage late last week and another one early this week. He added that the scary part is not knowing when it’s going to come back on after it goes out.

“So, I had to stop what I was doing, rush home, make sure the dogs are comfortable, have everything prepared,” Denton said.

According to Denton, OG&E called him and told him they believed it to be faulty equipment.

KFOR reached out to OG&E who gave us a statement and told us they have been in contact with Denton to resolve the issue.

“OG&E recently completed grid enhancement work in this area. This effort included upgrading and installing new equipment on overhead and underground power lines, which ultimately will reduce the number and duration of power outages caused by wildlife, severe weather and equipment failures, while also modernizing the power grid. We understand the frustration that a service interruption can cause and we will continue to work with our customers in this area to resolve this issue and ensure reliable service.”


“We’ll see,” Denton said.

Denton said they’ve bought things over time like portable air conditioners and fans. They also have a generator to be prepared. He said in the past it seemed like they only temporarily fixed the issue and just hopes this is the fix that ends the problem.