EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A Northwest Edmond neighborhood is on edge after a group of burglars broke into a series of cars. One family is sharing some alarming video where at least five individuals are seen moving from house-to-house ransacking vehicles.

The family with the security footage showed KFOR how a masked stranger was rummaging through their SUV about 2:30 a.m. Friday morning. They said the individual stole a knife and pair of Apple AirPods.

“All our stuff was just ransacked,” the mother said, sharing that they hadn’t even checked their security footage until they entered the SUV to take their child to daycare. “We work hard for our things. It’s not great to see people just come and take our things.”

But the alleged car burglar wasn’t alone. You can see at least four others with him, moving from house-to-house on Currant Dr. trying their hand at every vehicle door.

Donna Breslin said the group got into her and daughter’s vehicles and stole her daughter’s backpack, which has equipment for her labor assistant work.

“This would be all of her items that she takes to a birth,” Breslin explained. “It was like her go to bag. It is valuable. I mean, she has spent money on this.”

The quiet neighborhood is hoping police will quickly catch the crew of burglars.

“It just kind of makes you sick a little bit,” Breslin said. “It just makes me wonder, did the parents not know what’s going on?”

“It’s very unsettling, just that that would happen,” neighbor Wendy Frederick said. “It feels like they’re invading your privacy that way.”

The Oklahoma City Police Department said they are investigating this case.