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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Edmond parents say they are enraged after a local sports league allowed a man formerly charged with sex crimes to be the head umpire at a weekend baseball tournament.

Levi Clark, who filled in as head umpire for All Sports Edmond Incorporated on Sunday, was arrested last year for first-degree rape and engaging in sexual communication with a minor. Clark has not been formally charged. A representative with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office told KFOR that they’re “aware of the situation [from this weekend] and it’s under investigation,” adding he was “not sure where the investigation stands in the [2020] accusation.”

Jenifer Standish is just one upset parent expressing her frustration.

“Every other parent that knows about this or hears about this is gonna raise the same concerns,” she said.

She says he shouldn’t be involved regardless of his case status.

“[His alleged crime in 2020] may or may not have happened but something has fallen through the cracks here,” she said. “I don’t think because of the uncertainty these kinds of people should be around our children.”

Others have echoed her message. One coach sent KFOR a statement saying, “This is a huge break in trust and completely poor judgement by EASI” and that “to allow someone facing these kind of charges to umpire little league baseball is mind blowing.” When News4 asked another parent whether he should continue serving his role with the EASI, she responded “Absolutely not. I also have a 13-year-old son, the same age as his [alleged] victim.”

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Levi Clark

One coach pointed out that Clark acted as a head umpire, which means he wasn’t always directly in contact with the players. But the head umpire still interacts with minors.

“He supervises underage umpires…this guy is dealing with 15 year olds, 16 year olds [and] 17 year olds,” said the coach, who wanted to remain anonymous. “[The arrest] that should have been a disqualifying event. Somebody needs to be held accountable and I’m looking directly at the EASI executive director.”

When News 4 reached out to the executive director, we received this statement saying, “Please do your research into the case as there were never any changes and everything was dropped, including the bond…We do our research as does OSSAA where he normally calls high school games. This was caused by an Edmond parent who likes to stir trouble…”

News 4 reached out to clarify if she meant to send “never any charges” but didn’t hear back.

When we reached out to that parent, she sent back a statement saying, “Allowing [Clark] to be around and have access to these children creates an unsafe environment.” She also told News 4 that the director and Clark had known each other for over a decade.

The aforementioned bond initially included a condition that Clark couldn’t have any unsupervised contact with any minor children, which included family members. KFOR reached out to the judge presiding over Clark’s case, and his office said the bond conditions could still be in place, but when we reached out to Clark’s attorney for more information, he was unavailable.

District Attorney David Prater’s office told News 4 that bonds can sometimes be dropped in response to no current charges being filed, but they don’t happen necessarily because they’ve actively declined to press charges.

When News 4 reached out to the OSSAA, the associate director said in a statement, “the OSSAA has not assigned Levi Clark to an OSSAA event since we were made aware of the allegations,” also pointing out their background checks can only process convictions and that if anyone were convicted for a felony of a sexual nature with a child, they would have their certification removed.

Tuesday afternoon, the City of Edmond issued a statement, saying in part “EASI acknowledged the issue and assured the city the individual in question will no longer be employed.”