Edmond police investigating after three suspect break into home, hold victim at gunpoint

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EDMOND, Okla.- Police are investigating after three men allegedly broke into a home and held a man at gunpoint.

“It just kind of goes to show that bad things can happen anywhere,” said Kate Lile, who lives down the street.

Neighbors woke up to flashing lights after three suspects allegedly broke down the door of a home near Ayers and Boulevard.

“I currently just got robbed at gunpoint and I just got the crap beaten out of me,” the victim said to 911 dispatch. “He was wearing a mask.”

The 20-year-old man who lives at the house told police he was asleep. The next thing he knew there was a pillow on his face and a man threatening to kill him if he moved.

“He struggled the entire time. He struggled at one point and the pillow fell off and he was struck in the side of the face by a gun,” said Emily Ward, Edmond Police Department.

When he was finally released, the suspects had gone back out the front door. Allegedly taking off in a white 4-door vehicle.

The victim says he never saw the suspect’s faces.

Police said right after the invasion happened, an officer pulled over a similar vehicle for having its taillights out.

But because the victim waited 20 minutes before calling the police it makes things more difficult.

“We’re not sure if the car we pulled over, if those are our suspects, but that would have really helped us if he had called right away,” Ward said.

Edmond police are also investigating a similar incident from Tuesday morning. In that case, 3 masked men also allegedly broke down the door of an Edmond home near Memorial and Eastern. Those suspects also held the people inside at gunpoint. No one was hurt.

“Similar in nature, however we have no evidence that connects them,” Ward said.

The victim’s family took him to the hospital with minor injuries to his face. He told police he does not know who attacked him.

Police said the only thing the suspects got away with was $80 in cash. The victim had more money in his wallet that was left untouched.


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