EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Police are alerting community members to the 10 Edmond intersections where the most vehicle crashes occur.

Edmond Police Department officials began counting down the intersections on their Facebook page Friday night.

“We’ve consulted with our traffic officers to [identify] some of the most common causes & point out ways to avoid them,” according to the post.

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2nd and Coltrane, image Edmond PD

The intersection of 2nd and Coltrane was the first entry.

“A majority of the accidents we see here are from people attempting to pull into or out of 7-11 just south of the intersection,” the post states.

Police ask drivers to remember, “just because someone leaves a gap and waves you on, that doesn’t mean it is clear to proceed.”

Follow Edmond Police Department’s Facebook page to keep up with their countdown of crash-heavy intersections.