EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Edmond Police have released the 911 call made by one of their fellow officers, moments after she reportedly shot and killed her brother August 3.

Lt. Jennifer Haddock admitted to shooting her brother, Sean, during the call which lasted nearly five minutes.

The call opened with Haddock quickly identifying herself to the dispatcher.

“Hey it’s Haddock,” she said. “I just shot my brother.”

Haddock, an eight-year veteran with the department, told the dispatcher she shot Sean in the chest.

“Is he awake?” asked the dispatcher.

“No,” said Haddock.

The dispatcher then asked if he was breathing to which Haddock replied, “barely.”

She can then be heard telling her mother, who was also in the apartment during the shooting, to put pressure on the gunshot wound.

“Mom, get me a plastic bag,” said Haddock on the 911 call. “I need you put it on his chest.”

She went on to tell the dispatcher she was an off-duty police officer.

“I don’t have an exit wound. I’ve got a plastic bag over his chest,” Haddock said. “He was shot with a .40 caliber pistol. He was shot in the upper right pectoral muscle.”

News 4 has yet to confirm if the gun used in the shooting was Haddock’s service weapon.

The shooting happened Thursday morning at the Spring Creek Apartments.

According to court documents, Haddock and her brother started arguing over furniture. In the report, Haddock stated her brother was “screaming and aggressively approached her to where she was backed against a wall.”

That was when Haddock reportedly pull out a gun and told her brother to “back up.”

The affidavit said Sean grabbed the gun and told Haddock to shoot him. He then reportedly approached Haddock again and moments later she allegedly fired a single gunshot to his chest.

“He’s not responsive right now. He’s taking super deep breaths,” said Haddock during the 911 call. “He’s real bad. I need to get someone here now.”

When police arrived Haddock’s mother could be heard pleading to her son who was laying on the hallway floor.

“I love you with all my heart. Don’t give up,” she said. “Save him, save him.”

Haddock was arrested for manslaughter and placed on administrative leave while she awaits official charges.