EDMOND, Okla (KFOR) – Edmond Police are searching for a motorcyclist who was driving recklessly on Tuesday afternoon. They say he was weaving in and out of cars at high speeds. A detective with Edmond Police was traveling North on I-35 when he first saw the motorcyclist.

The rider then took an exit and ended up at the same stoplight as the detective. That’s when the detective turned on police lights to perform a traffic stop.

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“The driver then turned around and looked at him and then gave him a motion like, Come on, let’s go. Like he was taunting him, cut off a car and got back on I-35, going southbound back to the Oklahoma City area,” said Emily Ward, the Edmond Police Public Information Officer.

There’s a clue as to who the driver is; the words “will run” are on the back of the motorcycle and are in the photo posted by Edmond Police.

Police are searching for this motorcycle driver who drove near 100mph in Edmond on Tuesday

“We have gotten numerous leads from motorcycle community members and other law enforcement agencies who are familiar with who he could possibly be,” said Ward.

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On the original post from Edmond Police, there are over 400 shares and many people have commented saying they’ve seen the behavior from this individual before.

Police say the driver is facing a felony charge if caught. If you know anything, call police at 405-359-4420.