UPDATE: Edmond police say they have identified the road rage suspect who allegedly hurled a hand-sized rock at another driver and her children.

The incident happened on Sunday after the victim and the suspect exited the Burger King near Covell and Kelly.

The suspect allegedly became enraged that the woman stopped to check her food before exiting the drive-thru.

He allegedly followed her as she drove through the city, pulled up alongside her and screamed profanities at her.

Shortly later, the suspect threw a large rock, shattering a windshield, an Edmond Police Department official said.

Officials said they have identified the suspect and are working on charges against him.

Original Story

EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Edmond Police said they’re trying to track down a road rage suspect caught on camera hurling a hand-sized rock at another driver and her children.

“Many people get in that situation where they feel heated and fired up and in the moment. And then you kind of think, ‘Oh, gosh. What am I doing?’ And this, he just took it one step further,” said Emily Ward with the Edmond Police Department.

A road-rage suspect was caught on camera Sunday, seconds before throwing what appears to be a hand-sized rock at another driver and her two children, near Big Cedar Road and Santa Fe.

The encounter started at the Burger King near Covell and Kelly. That’s where police said the victim stopped in line to check her order after receiving her food.

“The vehicle behind her began yelling to go and move. She hollered back ‘I’m looking at my food and then I’ll go.’ But before that could even take place, he went around her and hopped over the median and left,” said Ward.

According to the police report, when the woman stopped at the Covell and Santa Fe light, the suspect “pulled up next to her and began to curse and yell at her calling her a c___.”

The victim then turned right on Santa Fe, heading north, with the suspect not too far behind.

“She did feel threatened by him,” said Ward.

According to the police report, after they passed Santa Fe and Big Cedar, the suspect whipped his car down a gravel road.

The woman told police she remembered about her grocery pickup and turned her car to go southbound on Santa Fe. After turning it around, she told police she saw the suspect using his silver Toyota FJ Cruiser to block two lanes of traffic.

“As she was slowly going around him, she had planned to take a photo. That’s when he threw the rock and hit her windshield,” Ward told News 4.

Police said the corner of the windshield was shattered, “covering her and her two young children in glass.”

When officers arrived, the woman was “visibly shaken, crying and very scared the suspect would return.”

Her child was also shaken, “crying and hugging his mother, burying his head into her hairline while she held him.”

“Hopefully somebody will recognize this man based on the photograph and the vehicle he is driving and put the two together and know who he is,” said Ward.

Police said no one was hurt.

Ward said if or when the suspect is caught, they could be facing assault and battery with a dangerous weapon complaint.