EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Edmond Police initially told KFOR an out-of-state caller claimed a man in Edmond was threatening to kill his family, then himself, so officials conducted a welfare check at the man’s home near Santa Fe and Second.

The Edmond Police Public Information Officer, Emily Ward said the individual inside the home wouldn’t cooperate with officers, so it ultimately turned into a standoff.

A bomb squad robot with an attached camera was sent into the home to take a look at who was inside and what was happening while officers stood outside.

A front window was also broken into by law enforcement in an attempt to apprehend the suspect.

Shortly into the standoff, officials were able to draw who they called “Bernard” out of the home.

“Keep coming, Bernard. Keep coming,” officials said over a speaker.

“Bernard” was staggering through the front yard where he then turned his back to officials.

Law enforcement was able to cuff “Bernard” and take him into custody.

As officers went inside the home to see who else was there, Ward said they found one adult female dead.

Ward added there weren’t children involved.

“There was only two individuals inside,” stated Ward.

No other injuries have been reported as of Wednesday afternoon.

About two hours after crime tape was rolled out around the home, two apparent family members of the victim stopped by.

A man ran out of his car, wailing in shock and fell to the ground.

A woman ran after him and consoled him as they were both screaming out, “Why?”

The man also cried out the victim was his mother.

Ward wasn’t able to provide information relating to the suspect, the victim, or the relationship between the two.

Neighbors are now in shock and disbelief as their once quiet neighborhood is wrapped up in the middle of a homicide investigation.

“That’s terrible. I was laying in bed and I heard all this noise going on with the choppers, and she [his daughter] said there was a bunch of cop cars outside and I didn’t realize it was in our neighborhood. I’m just praying for the people,” said Richard Hendrix.

Both Hendrix and his daughter, LeeAnn said their neighborhood doesn’t experience heavy crime like this.

The only crime they’ve ever seen is petty theft when a family member had her keys stolen from her car.

“It’s a pretty nice neighborhood. It’s been pretty decent. Been here almost two years now. A lot of people walk their dogs and, you know, walk around with their kids and wave at everybody. Pretty pleasant area to live at. It seems very kid friendly. We like it pretty good,” said Hendrix.

Hendrix said the area has been safe enough to let his 15-year-old daughter, LeeAnn walk to and from the grocery store three streets away.

“Nothing really happens bad around here,” said LeeAnn.

Ward said Edmond PD will have more information to share Wednesday evening.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents are assisting with this investigation.