EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Residents in Edmond got to voice their opinion on a controversial rezoning project.

Edmond voters were met with Question 3832, also known as ‘the pink sheet.’

It asks the voters if they want to rezone land just north of Memorial Road off the I-35 Service Road for an apartment complex.

The question ended up before the voters following an intense back-and-forth between citizens and the property owner.

Thousands of Edmond residents signed a petition to bring the referendum to the ballot box after the Edmond City Council voted to approve the rezoning.

However, property owner Frank Battle has since decided to let his contract for the apartments expire as concerns grew. He ended up signing a new contract for a commercial development there.

“It just bounced around from one side to the other as to which way to go, but we had to go ahead and switch rather than fight,” Battle told KFOR over the phone Monday.

If Edmond voters approved the question, Battle would have to go back in with a plan to rezone the property again to move it to retail general commercial.

“I’m just pleading for a ‘no’ vote, so I can go ahead and go on with my life,” Battle said. “It’s been in limbo for about 19 months now.”

City Councilmember Josh Moore has been an advocate for the rezoning, along with fellow councilmember David Chapman.

Moore sent KFOR a statement:

“I have no intention of making the situation harder for the land owner at Memorial and I-35. The last year has been stressful enough. However, the referendum question on the ballot is whether or not the Planning Commission and City Council’s decision to approve multi-family zoning at this location was valid? Considering the facts that Edmond needs to add all types of housing as we grow, and especially along the I-35 corridor, I’ve felt like it’s necessary to explain the reasoning behind our zoning approval to the citizens of Edmond.”


On Tuesday, Edmond voters no on Question 3832.

At 10:30 p.m. with 98% reporting, over 69% of residents voted against the proposition.