EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – After a scooter accident almost killed the owner of an Edmond Italian restaurant, she is now rehabbing and training for the Boston Marathon.

Rachel Foster fell off an electric scooter while out riding around her neighborhood with her husband one November evening last year. The fall caused serious injuries to her head and broke several of her bones.

Rachel was in an Oklahoma hospital, in a coma, for over a week.

Her husband John was told by doctors that Rachel would never again breath on her own.

But then a miracle happened. Rachel woke up.

“I’m just extremely proud of Rachel, and we’re both grateful for everyone’s prayers,” said John.

In December, Rachel went to Atlanta for another surgery at the Shepherd Center.

She has remained there, going through rehabilitation.

Rachel does physical therapy in the morning and runs several miles in the afternoon.

“I have always been a runner at heart,” said Rachel. “it’s a stress relief for me and it helps me just kind of work through things in my own head.”

Along with owning and operating Moni’s Pasta and Pizza, Rachel has a passion for running.

Last year, she competed in the OKC Memorial Marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon.

After just five months since her accident, Rachel is training for next month’s Boston Marathon.

“I know it might sound a little bit crazy, but I am there mentally and I’m getting there physically, so I’m getting geared up for it,” said the restaurant owner.

John has been by her side throughout the entire experience. He helped run the restaurant before the couple left for Atlanta, and he gives her strength to keep progressing each day.

“I just feel like I couldn’t have done this without John because every single morning he encourages me and is there for me and is just so supportive of me,” said Rachel.

Rachel thanks everyone at Moni’s for holding it down while she’s been away.

She also thanked all the medical staff from Oklahoma to Atlanta.

Despite the difficulties Rachel faced in the past few months, she remained optimistic and positive about her health and her future.

Every time she needed motivation, she looked down at the tattoo on her arm.  

“The point of the tattoo is that even though it [the sun] sets at night, it will rise in the morning, so even though, you know, hard times come into my life, I will rise again,” said Rachel.

The couple plans to be back in their Edmond home by the end of the month.

For Rachel, it has been five months since she last slept at home.