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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Three Edmond Memorial High School students are facing possible state charges – according to the school’s principal – for their alleged involvement in text messages considered to be threatening to the school, students and staff.

Principal Anthony Rose sent a concerned letter to parents explaining the situation Tuesday, beginning with, “This letter is to apprise you of a situation that concluded today with state charges being filed against three Edmond Memorial students.”

KFOR has since obtained a police report revealing more details.

The report said that on Dec. 11 a parent reported to the Edmond Police Department that their son received a text on Dec. 8 about a possible school shooting.

The parent was allegedly going through their son’s phone and saw a message from a friend saying they were “going to shoot up the school tomorrow.”

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Edmond Memorial High School

Edmond police shared that they met with the offender who sent the text and his mother at a local Walmart to investigate further.

The police report said the offending student admitted to sending the text. When an officer asked why he sent it, he said it was a common joke between him and the friend. He also said he had no plan and he had no intentions for it to be taken seriously.

Furthermore, the police report said the mother told the officer her son didn’t have access to firearms.

Edmond police tell KFOR that other students surfaced in their investigation.

Tuesday, Principal Anthony Rose told the school’s parents that state charges are being filed against a total of three students “who were involved in text communication considered to be threats to both the school and individuals.”

He explained that after they were contacted about the concerning text message threatening the school, “further investigation revealed a list of individual students and staff who were also threatened.”

Near the end of his letter, he said, “It is never acceptable to joke about school safety.”

Rose reported that the appropriate discipline policy has been applied, the investigation is now complete and the students are no longer on campus.